Personal Injury Cases on Lien in Costa Mesa

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To attorneys and those seeking care for injuries sustained in an accident in Costa Mesa, we are happy to provide a thorough evaluation including digital X-Ray analysis in order to properly screen for pathologies, traumas and alignment aberration. We also work with other imaging centers and healthcare professionals to be in the ideal position to coordinate the care of the patient and provide all the necessary documentation to build a high-value case. We are committed to provide:

  • An in depth history of previous traumas or psychological issues in order to surface any confounding factors to recovery or vulnerabilities that would require a more involved or longer recovery.
  • Provide in house High-Quality Digital X-Ray imaging with detailed documentation and obtain follow up reports from a Licensed DACBR when appropriate.
  • Document all symptoms and provide the most appropriate ICD-10 code with a specific treatment plan.
  • Give Monthly updates on patient status and care.
  • Provide all Medical Notes, Bills and Records promptly or whenever request.

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