Auto Injury in Costa Mesa

Auto Injury

An auto accident is a stressful event. The process of getting your car repaired or replaced can be lengthy, difficult and cause you to lose income and time with your friends and family. Also an accident even as minimal as 5-15 mph can cause whiplash, concussions and other soft tissue damage.  These symptoms sometimes take up to 4 weeks or more to surface if at all. It is important to get a thorough chiropractic evaluation with an expert in Costa Mesa who knows the detailed anatomical structure of the spine and musculo-skeletal system as soon as possible.

We are well equipped and trained to provide a thorough evaluation including digital X-Ray analysis in order to properly screen for fractures, pathology and alignment aberration. We also work with other imaging centers and healthcare professionals to be in the ideal position to coordinate your healthcare team for the duration of your care.

At Garcia Chiropractic, we work with attorneys who are friendly and professional that can help you recover your lost income, assist you in the process of repairing your car and ensuring you get the optimal recovery for any injuries sustained. At Garcia Chiropractic we are well equipped to lead or play a helpful role in your recovery.

Protect Yourself and Your Family in Costa Mesa With MedPay Benefits

Dr. Garcia and his family have "medpay" on their auto insurance plan. It is an inexpensive way to ensure your family is cared for in the event of an accident regardless of who is at fault. Medpay is an add-on to most auto insurance plans at the cost of an additional $5/mo or $60/year. These rates very depending on medpay benefits and company. Call your auto insurance agent and check your specific plan for details.

Our goal is to get you feeling better as quickly as possible while facilitating optimal recovery. Schedule an appointment for yourself or a client by calling us at Garcia Chiropractic in Costa Mesa at (949) 891-2459.


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