Chiropractic Costa Mesa CA Specific Corrective Process

The Specific Corrective Process in Costa Mesa is a unique 6 step system, created by Dr. Danny Garcia, that combines specific upper Cervical and pelvis adjustments with supportive chiropractic techniques to correct your alignment and help the muscles, soft tissues and nerves heal. This gentle and advanced approach corrects the underlying cause of your problem getting you quick and lasting relief, in fewer visits with better results than traditional chiropractic manipulation.

Our Chiropractic Process in Costa Mesa

The head, neck and pelvis are the most influential focal points of alignment and motion. Therefore Dr. Garcia focuses on specific alignment of the head on the neck and the neck over the pelvis. This is the most important aspect of your chiropractic care which fixes your posture so that your weight is equally distributed on both sides of your body. By balancing your body in gravity, the extra load of being out of alignment or off center is removed. This causes knee, hip and shoulder pain to go away and lower your risk of needing a replacement surgery in those areas in the future.

The act of centering or balancing the body also balances and relaxes muscles. Spasms, cramps, chronic tightness, pain and reduced range of motion will disappear as these muscles heal (6-8 weeks).

Balancing the body in gravity also removes unnecessary pressure on discs in the neck & back. This helps degenerative disc disease, bulging discs, herniated discs and stenosis heal.

Benefits To Our Specific Corrective Process

The biggest benefit of fixing your alignment is it removes pressure from the brain stem at the top of your neck. The brain stem controls virtually every organ function in your body. By improving brain stem function you then improve organ function and many problems like asthma, allergies, sinus problems, vertigo, dizziness, headaches, migraines, Fibromyalgia, Neuropathy, acid reflux, high blood pressure, Tinnitus, ear infections, and chronic pain all disappear with proper alignment.

After the Doctor fixes your alignment. He or she will use other techniques to help your body and the different tissues heal:

  • Sacral traction (blue wedges) helps unlock your tailbone and hips
  • Proprioceptive Neuromuscular Facilitation, PNF (combination of breathing, specific muscle contraction and stretching)
  • Resistive range of motion
  • Core strengthening
  • Mechanical traction (Lumbar and Cervical)
  • Diversified technique helps unlock individual bones that can be locked up. You do not see this change on x-ray for it is microscopic, but it can get pain relief much faster.
  • Dr. Garcia also utilizes a handheld adjustment tool called an activator that can apply a very gentle and specific force for cases that are best suited for gentler techniques.
  • Non force upper cervical techniques are utilized when necessary. These adjustments take longer but do not make any cracking sounds.
  • Cranial bones near the mouth (maxilla, mandible) and face (sphenoid, facial and zygomatic) can get locked up and causes sinus problems, temporal-mandibular joint disorders (TMJ), facial pain and headaches these can be relieved with activator adjustments and digital pressure techniques.

Then not always but depending on the case soft tissue techniques and extremity (leg & arm) adjusting maybe performed to help the body get relief. This unique combination of chiropractic techniques allows you to get faster and longer lasting pain relief.

Steps to Our Process

On your first visit, you will meet with Dr. Garcia to go over your history to understand exactly what your body has been through and what your specific needs are. Then we will take state of the art digital X-Rays. Your X-Rays will be analyzed within 24 hours and we will schedule your report of findings to review misalignment and make sure there are no unusual issue that would prevent correction. Then we will let you know what our plan for correcting your body’s alignment is.

On your second visit, Dr. Garcia will review your X-Ray findings and the specific position of your misalignment. Doctor Garcia will give his recommendations to get you feeling better as quickly as possible. Then a staff member will review your insurance and the different financial options Garcia Chiropractic offers. You can let them know if you want to do a corrective care plan. If the plan does not work with your current schedule or budget let them know and we will try to work with you. You can always get an adjustment anytime you like.

You will be instructed on adjustment bay protocol. You will learn how to adjust the table to your comfort, replace face paper, where to hang jackets/purses and locate our complimentary phone chargers. You will be instructed on where to place the blue traction wedges for optimal pelvic alignment (it is important to remember the location).

Dr. Garcia will check your spinal alignment before an adjustment by checking leg length and performing his dynamic leg check where he pumps the legs back and forth while evaluating balance of the spine and nervous system. Dr. Garcia may ask you to turn your head in order to evaluate the upper cervical spine. If out of alignment you will receive an adjustment to the upper neck. Some patients will receive a lower back adjustment but not all the time, depending on your X-Ray findings.

After your upper cervical spine begins to stabilize your spine will start uncoiling and muscles, joints, and nerves will start healing. Dr. Garcia will check you regularly to make sure your alignment holds. When you go out of alignment again you will be given an upper cervical adjustment to get your head on straight again.

At these regular check-ups, the Doctor will check the rest of your spine by pressing in different areas and have you move your body in different ways to find out if any area of your body is locked up. If the Doctor finds locked up bones and joints, he will use one of the supportive techniques to unlock them. This will help the spine uncoil, heal faster, and create faster and longer lasting pain relief.

Your muscles will be completely healed or close to it by 90 days. At this point your alignment will be very stable. The Doctor will make sure you are performing or avoiding all the activities necessary, to lead a productive and high quality of life. Your joints and nerves will continue to heal over the next year so the Doctor will recommend regular checkups to support optimal healing and rehabilitation.

How long you can go between check-ups will depend on how hard you use your body and how much stress you are under. Dr. Garcia will recommend weekly, every 2 weeks or monthly appointments depending on your condition and level of stress. If you ever suffer a fall, injury or auto accident, call, and get checked right away.

Supportive care is incredibly important because most of the time the body will go out of alignment for weeks, months or even years before it creates pain or a symptom. For lasting relief and a high quality of life follow your maintenance schedule and enjoy your pain free life. Our team will continue to help and support you in any way we can.

If you have questions about how our team at Garcia Chiropractic can help you, please schedule a consultation today.


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